Amazing Thailand Presents Amazing Show Esan

Join 3 fabulous activities at Amazing Thailand presents Amazing Show E-san - featuring an extensive exploration of food and culture from Northeast Thailand

  • Show Food: Meet the Sous Chef Team, Saa Muay & Sons, present E-san fusion food, themed "New Esan Cuisine." Follow their journey as they select local ingredients and share their stories.
  • Show Music: Come and enjoy live music from "Sian Rang," the famous YouTuber from Tai Baan Channel.
  • Show Culture: Get ready to dance with DJ Ohm and DJ Goodchy at Esan Music Remix Restaurant.

And many more activities to discover! Experience the excitement and take part in special activities throughout the event!

Event date: 21-25 June 2023

Time: 16:00 - 22:00

Location: Central Udon Thani

  • This event is sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand 

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