Central Phuket - Trimutri Shrine

Pray for love & Relationships

Trimutri the God of Love. Central Phuket simulated the Trimuti (also known as the Hindu Trinity which is Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.) The greatest god’s giving all fulfillments. The statuary was covered by golden and the appearance’s like the Trimuti that’s enshrined at Central World to represent a spiritual anchor for people in Phuket, neighboring provinces, and the faithful tourists in order to wish for a better life in career or even love. Hinduism believes that the Trimutri God of Love is able to make a wish come true for a loving couple.

Any customers who are interested to pray the Trimutri at Central Phuket may start from the Ground floor and walk through Central Department Store. When you arrive at the toys zone, please go ahead and turn left at the exit to the TrimuTri shrine. In other ways, you may access the shrine from the front of Central Phuket depending on your convenience. Welcome daily for praying while business hours.