The Annual CENTRAL 76TH ANNIVERSARY Flower Festival

Returning to the annual CENTRAL 76TH ANNIVERSARY flower festival, celebrating 76 years of remarkable heritage. This year, Central Embassy and Central Chidlom Department Store collaborate in orchestrating a floral realm featuring diverse blooms from every continent. This botanical tapestry promises a journey filled with an atmosphere of rejuvenation and wonder.

Each selected flower symbolises deep emotions and values: love, courage, friendship, motivation, thrill, and contentment, reflecting the essence of what Central has been gifting its patrons for the past 76 years.

In this iteration, Central Embassy collaborates with 2 partners. "Miracle of Natural" will be showcasing gorgeous tulips for visitors to admire and purchase. Concurrently, the "Air Orchid" farm will unveil a special segment of orchids, the elusive "Alien Group," offering a rare visual delight for all spectators.

Furthermore, delve into the OPEN MARKET: BLOOMS & BREW Matcha & Flower Market at Level 6, Open House, Central Embassy. This unique marketplace infuses the charm of green tea and flowers, accompanied by a variety of workshops to enhance different skill sets throughout the event.

Join us in the grand celebration of Central's 76th anniversary. Embark on this floral expedition and be a part of a legacy that cherishes beauty and cultural richness. Blossom with us in this unique experience.

26 Oct ’23 - 30 Oct ’23