Meet Locals’ Fresh Products from Heart to Heart

Do you know the meaning of word ‘Jing Jai’ in Thai?

The word ‘Jing Jai’ means sincere or honest, which has been used in Jing Jai project, one of Central Group’s sustainable development projects that supports local producers to sell agricultural product to generate higher income and help customers to approach fresh, safe, and high-quality of well-known products of provinces that directly come from local farmers under the idea of local sourcing to get the opportunity to connect, chat, and exchange product development information between farmers and consumers easier.

Jing Jai Farmers’ Market @ Bangkok, where local agricultural products all around Thailand gathered

The idea of Jing Jai Farmers’ Market at centralwOrld and Central bangna was to bring all provinces’ specialty products to one place where is the heart of the city. Modernized form of the market inside of the shopping mall brings local products to be easier to approach for city living customers which have launched in a format of flagship stores.

In different seasons of Thailand, Jing Jai Farmers’ Market in centralwOrld and Central Bangna brings fruits that are grown in such season to customers from mango, durian, avocado and more.

Jing Jai Farmers’ Market in Bangkok is also able to be ordered via online channel such as Grab mart, widely used delivery application in Thailand or personal shopper by calling branch number.

Central Bangna branch G Floor in front of Central Food Hall 063-525-5774

centralwOrld branch 1st Floor Hug Thai Zone 063-524-8028

And be updated about Jing Jai Farmers’ Market’s events or products via facebook page @JingJaiFarmersMarket

In other branches of Jing Jai Farmers’ Market in different provinces can meet their own provinces’ well-known and fresh products with high-quality.

Jing Jai Farmers’ Market has been supporting local economy from helping Thai farmers to earn income, create job opportunities and improve their quality of life by utilizing capabilities, experiences, professionalism, and a diverse knowledge to cooperate with farmers from beginning to the end, and eventually improve the quality life of the local community as well as provide to the customers to easily meet healthy, safe, and local products that has been produced from heart of farmers to heart of customers.

From Jing Jai Farmers’ Market movement of reducing the transportation in supply chain, carbon footprint has been reduced and able to get fresh ingredients. Also, Jing Jai Farmers’ Market focused on organic products and avoid chemical uses on growing and take as a policy to grow awareness to local farmers to reduce the impact on environment. Also, starting from Tops Market Udon Thani branch, a 100 percent plastic-free market that began and expanding.

Jing Jai Farmers’ Market has become prototype model to many locations across Thailand. There are currently 32 branches in 28 provinces across four regions that have helped 634 villages, 366 districts, and 8,696 households, resulting in a threefold increase in household income and an annual income of over 200 million baht for local farmers.