Cooking is Learning! - Multi Benefits of Cooking for Your Kids

Your kids’ learning isn’t limited to just classroom learning— moms and dads can help find activities to promote learning for kids. Cooking is one of those activities that gives more than fun: it’s interdisciplinary learning, and helps improve many other skills, as well as EQ and IQ.

Especially for kids between 3-10 years old, both right and left brain needs to be stimulated at the same time, so for your kids to experience cooking activity helps doing just that.

The skills which kids would get to learn are:

Fine motor skills

For cooking preparation, activities such as flour kneading, whisking eggs, chopping vegetables, help kids learn how to use fine motor skills, and these help promote brain activity in their early 10 years.

Creativity skills

When they learn to create menus or decorate their food, they learn how to be creative and learn to practice their imagination.

Logical reasoning skills

Cooking requires many plans beforehand There are many different steps and processes which produce different outcomes, so kids will learn how to plan logically through different processes of cooking bit by bit.

Mathematical skills

Measuring the ingredients, counting pieces and cups, estimating different ingredients— all these contribute to mathematical skills without having to be in math classes!

Scientific skills

Observation during cooking can help explain scientific processes. Why is it that ingredients change form and color after cooking, or oil spills when you deep fry food?


Cooking takes time, and when it takes time, kids will learn how to be patient.
They will also learn how to pay attention to the things they do during cooking.

Social skills

When cooking, kids will learn together with other people, be it same age or different. It helps them practice how to communicate with other people and to socialize


Hygiene is of utmost importance. Kids need to wash their hands before and after class, as well as maintain cleanliness during different processes of cooking.

If your kids are interested in cooking, there are classes happening at A Little Something @Central World and Central Pinklao, ABC Cooking Studio@Central eastville and Central World, and Chefu Town@Central Eastville.

When they get to practice cooking at home after class, they will have even more confidence in cooking… who knows whether your kid could be the next Masterchef Junior! :)