Central Ayutthaya

Central Ayutthaya is a new landmark of Ayutthaya Province and a destination for shopping, tourism, recreation and new lifestyles, with over 400 shops of top brands under the concept “The City Wonder Experience”.

Central Ayutthaya is designed to be a shopping center in a tourist city with must-visit Instagrammable landmarks inside and outside the building, making it the first of its kind in Thailand. The local identity is emphasized with the concept “Thai Twist”, inspired by local architecture, culture and way of life, such as the twelves indented cornered stupas, Benjarong porcelain and Lai Yang woven fabric. It also embraces sustainable tourism and complete tourism ecosystem of Ayutthaya, being the center that seamlessly connects different elements such as transportation hub, tourist information, tour packages, kids guide and cultural space to ensure that the resplendent UNESCO World Heritage city is one of the top destinations in the world. It also embraces and promotes sustainable tourism and new destination of Ayutthaya.

  • A one-stop destination and major shopping center of the upper central region with four levels of retail space, parking capacity for 1,700 cars and 1,500 motorcycles.
  • A hotel of 220 units to cater to tourists, investors and business people.
  • A condominium of 400 units to cater to the urban growth.
  • A convention hall with a total space of 2,000 square meters and a capacity to handle 2,000 individuals which meets the international standards and helps elevates Ayutthaya as the regional and national center for MICE.
  • A cultural space for those interested in the history of Ayutthaya and ready to travel back in time to the golden period